Investors – Class Order 02/273 and Wholesale Investors

Marketlend offers to experienced, sophisticated, and wholesale investors to join in the marketlending experience and gain the returns on their investments. However there are regulatory requirements Marketlend must meet, and more details are available in the compliance link below in the footer, they are:

Important Warning – All investors*

Marketlend Pty Ltd (Marketlend) is primarily a platform for wholesale, sophisticated and professional investors to directly lend to individuals or companies or partnerships and enable investors to sell and buy parts of loans.

Marketlend provides a business introduction service in accordance with ASIC Class Order 02/273 (Class Order) which provides an exemption to the disclosure requirements under section 708 of the Corporations Act (Cth) 2001 (Act).

Subscribers to our website, (Website), may come across opportunities in which they would like to invest, however, they may not be considered a ‘Sophisticated’ or ‘Professional’ investor within the meaning of the Act and they would therefore (without the Class Order) be subject to the disclosure requirements of the Act.

The Class Order provides these potential investors and borrowers with the framework in which they are able to raise monies without complying with the disclosure requirements under the Act.

We confirm that:

  • 1. we receive an agreed upon fee for providing the business introduction service; and
  • 2. neither the Website nor Marketlend is endorsed or approved by ASIC.

We wish to make you aware:

  • investment in borrower’s business by way of a loan carries high risks. It is highly speculative and before investing in any loan or part thereof or its securities that relate to it, about which information is given, prospective investors are strongly advised to take appropriate professional advice;
  • the information contained in our Website has been prepared by or on behalf of the person who is proposing to issue or sell the securities or scheme interests and neither Marketlend nor the publisher (if any) has undertaken an independent review of the information contained in our Website;
  • the information contained in our Website about the proposed business opportunity and the loan is not intended to be the only information on which the investment decision is made and is not a substitute for a disclosure document, product disclosure statement or any other notice that may be required under the Act, as the Act may apply to the investment. Detailed information may be needed to make an investment decision, for example: financial statements; a business plan; information about ownership of intellectual or industrial property; or expert opinions including valuations or auditors’ reports;
  •  prospective investors should be aware that no established market exists for the trading of any loans that may be offered; and
  • the Website is subject to this Class Order.

For wholesale investors 

To qualify as a wholesale investor you are required to meet certain requirements under the Corporations Act 2001. This criteria is either that you invest in the initial sum of 500,000 and amounts of 1000 thereafter, you can withdraw and invest in smaller amounts after the initial sum or  earn gross income of A$250,000 per year for the last two years or you have a net asset position of A$2.5M. If you meet either criteria you can invest as a sophisticated investor and we require a copy of a certificate from your accountant to support your assertion.

Contact your accountant to obtain a certificate, and more details on what is needed is available feel free to contact us on

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