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11.1% net return per annum as of 30 December 2016

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invested A$197,200 to 41 loans

I am, and have been, a most satisfied and bona fide Marketlend Investor since April 2015. My investment payments, and questions, are always answered promptly and satisfactorily.

Direct benefits for Investors

  • Strong, Stable returns
  • Loss protection on your investment
  • Portfolio flexibility and diversification

Direct Benefits for Borrowers

  • No property collateral
  • Improved Cashflow
  • Competitive Rates

Direct Benefits for Investors

  • Insurance protection available*
  • Secured
  • Loss Provisioning
  • Experienced Management Team
  • 1st Loss Protection
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Independent Monitoring
  • Stable rates of 10% or higher


Industrial Start Training

borrowed A$50,000 from 41 investors

We found Marketlend as we deal with banks all the time and need to complete our capital needs. I was sceptical they could deliver. Not only did they deliver but it was exceptional, the administration support improved our collections and the reporting was very transparent.

21 April

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Direct Benefits for Borrowers

  • Quick Approvals
  • Flexible Terms
  • Direct Access to Investors
  • Improved Cashflow
  • Reduced Administration
  • Less Bad Debts

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KMC Technology Australia

borrowed A$65,000 from 35 investors.

Early this year, Marketlend arranged credit for my business. The process was quick, and the customer service was outstanding. Marketlend enabled our business to take the next step and we are indebted to them for providing this avenue to capital.

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invested A$155,000 to 35 loans

I invest with Marketlend because I love having direct control of where my money gets invested and I take great satisfaction in empowering Australian business owners to realise their dreams. I find the online platform is an easy and convenient way to participate and the access to borrowers documentation to be a very transparent way for me to understand each loan.

Get returns greater 10% net return**


The first of its kind in Australia, Marketlend is an online marketplace that facilitates prompt lending in a secure environment. Focusing on peer-to-peer lending in Australia, we cut out the middleman (bank) and provide a direct link between businesses and investors. As a stable online platform, Marketlend still provides the peace of mind that comes with loss protection (we invest and accept losses up to at least 2.5% of the loan) and insurance in certain circumstances with the benefit of a quick, effortless process. Acting as the connection between credit worthy businesses and individuals willing to invest, we can help our users gain access to a fast and easy peer to peer loan process that will not only save you time, but money too. Avoiding the middleman by means of social lending can mean lower rates for borrowers, and potentially stronger returns for investors. All the while our team will minimise the risks as much as possible and invest with you.


At Marketlend, we know security is one of the most important factors for both lenders and borrowers. That is why we ensure a secure online solution that protects our users. People taking advantage of our peer 2 peer lending are ensured a solution that is fast, simple and safe. For investors, we make social lending a more secure investment choice with insurance and loss protection available on eligible loans. Any applicant applying for P2P loan options are checked by Marketlend, spoken to before the listing, personal guarantees obtained, executed agreement is provided and their information is confirmed. Providing grading assessment we identify the expected repayment and yield, before facilitating the listing of the unsecured business loans. At closing, we place a personal property interest on the company, register a direct debit payment plan, call the borrower, place the borrower on a credit watch alert system and audit all documents.


To learn more about Peer-to-Peer solutions and how they can benefit you, please browse our site or get in contact with us directly on +61 (0)2 8006 6798. **insurance is only available for certain investments. *Past returns are not a reflection of future returns. Any unrepaid capital is at risk of arrears or default. Marketlend is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tyndall Capital, Authorised Representative Licence holder 415909, and is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. * Investment Interest rates may assume payments received are continually reinvested at the stated rate and assume your investment is protected by provisions, and insurance in the event of any borrower late payment or default, however, there is no guarantee nor warranty as to any protection from Marketlend or that the provisions or insurance or both will cover all of your investment if there is a default. See our Product Disclosure Statement for further details.