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Debtor Finance

Optimises your company's cashflow and liquidity

What are the benefits of Debtor Finance?

  • Optimising your business' cashflow and liquidity.
  • Eliminate delayed payments by getting paid by your debtors at issuance of invoice (*Invoices funded up to 60 days after issuance).
  • Domestic or offshore invoices are accepted.
  • Limits from $100k to $4m.
  • Single or multi debtor facilities.
  • Faster conversions from invoice to cash.
  • Revolving facility allowing you drawdown, repay and redraw.
*All facilities are subject to Trade Credit Insurance

How it works

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    You issue to your Debtors an invoice for goods or services provided
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    You submit to Marketlend the invoices for credit insured Debtors
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    Marketlend pays you 90% of your domestic Debtor Invoices (excl. GST) or 75% of your international Debtor Invoices
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    On the Invoice due date the Debtor pays Marketlend
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    Upon receipt of payment: Marketlend pays the 10% balance for domestic invoices or the 25% balance for international invoices
debtor finance

Am I eligible?

  • Do you offer credit payment terms to your customers?
  • Are you a registered company?
  • Have you traded for 12 months?
  • Do you have good credit history?
  • Are your debtors established companies with good credit history?
If you answered yes to these questions - get in contact now