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Earn high returns by lending
to Australian businesses

Investing in 5 Quick Steps

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    Complete Registration
    and KYC checks

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    Deposit money

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    Invest in New Loans on the
    Marketplace or use Autobid
    to set target investment criteria

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    Buy and Sell Investments
    on Loan Exchange

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    Earn monthly returns
    deposited directly to your
    Investment account

How it works

Opportunities for Registered Investors:
  • Invest in New Loans listed on the competitive-bid Marketplace
  • Buy into existing Loans through the Loan Exchange
  • Set criteria for auto-bidding on new loans so that you don't miss investment opportunities
  • Sell your investments quickly for immediate liquidity through the Loan Exchange
  • Monitor and manage your Marketlend investment portfolio through a comprehensive online dashboard
  • Have visibility of all platform fees paid out of gross monthly interest return
  • View and review borrower credit assessment for each loan
  • Feel confident in the knowledge that Marketlend continually monitors loans and borrowers for credit performance

Am I Eligible?

  • Have you experience in investing in similar products?
  • Are you investing more than $500K (AUD)?
  • Are your net assets greater than $2.5M (AUD)?
  • Has your gross income for each of the last 2 years been greater than $250K (AUD)?
  • Are you located overseas - not resident in Australia?

If you answered yes to any of these questions - get in contact now!


  • 8.39% Actual Annual Rate of Return on Total Insured Portfolio
  • 13.3% Actual Annual Rate of Return on Total Un-Insured Portfolio
  • 11.34% Actual Annual Rate of Return on Total Blended Portfolio


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- The Actual Annual Date covers the period 01/01/2018 – 31/12/2018 (the date range to be update after the payment of interest each month)
- The Actual Annual Rate includes all current Funded and Repaid Loans applicable to the current date range.
- The Actual Annual Rates exclude loans in arrears on penalty interest.

What our clients say

"I have been investing with Marketlend for nearly 2 years and am delighted with not only the financial returns but the professionalism of the operations team. Any queries and requests are dealt with promptly. All investment carries a risk but Marketlend has continually demonstrated that they are diligent in their research and support ensuring the maximum safety for my investment. I have recommended Marketlend to friends and family who have all been happy with the results. Thanks Marketlend!"

"I am investing in a very diverse range of Australian companies through the Marketlend platform for my SMSF. I particularly like the ability to pick my level of risk and reward on a case by case basis, and to thus structure a well balanced portfolio."