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Supply Chain Finance

An opportunity to improve the relationship with your suppliers, optimise liquidity and relieve your cashflow stress.

What are the benefits of Supply Chain Finance?

  • Supply Chain Finance relieves cashflow pressure by allowing businesses to extend trading terms up to 90 days.
  • Apply for limits of up to $1.5 M (Larger amounts will be considered).
  • Ability to Pay Domestic, or Offshore Suppliers.
  • Quick Turnaround in Financing - Invoices paid within 24 - 48 hours.
  • Greater Purchasing Power -The extended trading terms enable you to increase your purchase orders in line with market opportunities.
  • Competitive Advantage - The opportunity to negotiate better prices and payment terms with your supplier.
  • Supply Chain Finance is not a loan, but an extension of the Accounts Payable of the buyer, therefore is not classified as financial debt.
*All facilities are subject to Trade Credit Insurance

How it works

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    Supplier issues your company an invoice for goods and / or services
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    Your company submits invoice as per agreed criteria, to Marketlend
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    Your company can either have:
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    Marketlend pays your supplier(s) direct
  • OR
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    Marketlend can pay you for supplies you have already purchased
supply chain finance

Am I eligible?

  • Do you pay in advance for your local and/or overseas supplies?
  • Are you a registered company?
  • Have you traded for 12 months?
  • Do you have a turnover of at least $500,000 per annum?
  • Do you have good credit history?
If you answered yes to these questions - get in contact now